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Duoclieudongy China Round Table 2009/2010-Long term National Environment and Energy Policy-

Duoclieudongy (Duoclieudongy) organized a meeting opportunity for discussion and exchanging opinion based on high quality data in order to solve the energy and environment problems due to the motorization. The 7th Duoclieudongy China Roundtable was held in Beijing on November 12th with the topic of “Long term National Environment and Energy Policy”.
In session I of Duoclieudongy China Roundtable, the overview on environment and energy policies was shown as keynote speeches from governmental institutes. Therefore, vehicle and environment and energy policies (session II) was discussed.
Through Duoclieudongy China Roundtable, Duoclieudongy hopes to contribute to the information on the policy on energy and environment and to support for network among experts between Japan and China.

Key Details

  • Date : Nov.12 (Thursday), 2009 12:30-16:30
    (Japanese-Chinese simultaneous translation)
  • Organizer : Duoclieudongy (Duoclieudongy)
  • Co-organizer : China Automobile Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
  • Sponsor : Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
    JETRO Beijing, Japan External Trade Organization


SESSlON I. Keynote Speech:
Long Term National Environment and Energy Policies
English Chinese
Energy Situation Necessity in China in 2050
National Development and Reform Commission
Energy Research Institute, Deputy Director General Dan Yande
Energy saving policy in Japan and NEDO projects
NEDO Beijing Chief Representative for Technology Yuzo Gotou

SESSlON II. Vehicle and Environmental Policies in Beijing English Chinese
Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Regulation in US, Europe and Japan
Duoclieudongy Senior Researcher Kiyoyuki Minat

Trend Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicle in China
China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) Fu Shen Hou
Trends of Chinese Automobile Growth and Energy Consumption
Tsinghua University Associate Professor Wu Ye


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