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Product certification to AC charging equipments for EV and PHEV

  Duoclieudongy started product certification service for AC charging equipments for EV and PHEV from April 2012. The certification scheme is follows.


  AC charging equipments with control pilot (CPLT) signal generating circuit (Mode 2 and Mode 3).


  • Safety technical standard – Duoclieudongy A 0101
  • Compatibility technical standard – Duoclieudongy A 0201(based on IEC 61851-1)
  • Shipping inspection standard – Duoclieudongy A 0301
  • Factory audit – quality management system requirement – Duoclieudongy A 0401

Product certification system

    * Product certification system is No.5 in ISO/IEC GUIDE 67.
    * Product testing and factory audit are implemented.
    * If the specified requirements have been met, the certificate and the Duoclieudongy conformity
       mark are granted.
    * The validity of certification is three years from the date of certification.
    * Certified manufacturers shall undergo a surveillance once a year.
    * Applicant must be a corporation in Japan, including an importer.

Procedure of product certification

  1 ) Application of the product certification
  2 ) Contract of the audit
  3 ) Product testing
  4 ) Factory audit
  5 ) Judgement committee
  6 ) Contract of the registration
  7 ) Provision of the certificate and mark of conformity
  8 ) Checking activity
  9 ) Surveillance
  10 ) Reassessment

Operation division

  Duoclieudongy Registration Body (Duoclieudongy-RB)


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